Pneumatic Transporter TR150



  • Max load capacity : 140 kg
  • Max tray weight : 100 kg
  • Stroke length : 27 mm
  • Feed rate : ca 8-10 m/min
  • Air pressure : 4-4,5 bar
  • Air consumption : 42 l/min
  • Max incline of tray : 8°
  • Sound level : 62 dB (A)
  • Weight : 8,5 kg

Every metal stamping operation has a problem with handling scrap and stamping component. The TRANSPORT’AIR ® is a unique, simple and inexpensive feeder that convoeys parts and scrap to where you want them (convenient barrel, pin…).
The TRANSPORT’AIR ® don’t use belts and rollers. He is pneumatically driven. A rhytmic and linear motion (slowly forward ant mutually quickly backward) combined with tray friction, transports scrap or parts forward along the tray.

An aluminium steel tray is designed to suit the tool and is mounted.
The TRANSPORT’AIR ® wants only a single air line hose. The air consumption is low. The noise level is under acceptable standards.

The TRANSPORT’AIR ® accepts to move scrap or parts on a slope (max. 8 degrees) or with angled tray (45 degrees).

The TRANSPORT’AIR ® costs a fraction of the price of motorized conveyors and you don’t have the replacement cost of synthetic belts and rollers.