Pneumatic Transporter


The TRANSPORT’AIR ® is a very simple pneumatic device that allows parts or waste to be introduced or extracted on a press or other machine tool.

TRANSPORT’AIR ® does not use conveyed tapes. A steel or aluminum chute, adapted to the tool, is attached to the pneumatic vibrator. This chute, animated by the rhythmic movement of transport’AIR®, moves the components and waste to your recycling bin or container.

The TRANSPORT’AIR ® is driven by a simple pneumatic power supply. Air consumption is low and the noise level below standards.

The linear and rhythmic motion of the TRANSPORT’AIR ® (alternately slow and rapid return), combined with the friction of the chute, moves the components or waste in one direction.

The TRANSPORT’AIR ® allows components to be transported on slopes at 8 degrees or on 45-degree turns.

The TRANSPORT’AIR ® has a lower cost price than the conveyor belt and avoids the usual replacement costs of synthetic strips damaged by the components transported.

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