Liftmatic TPI with on-board driver


ROTOBLOC introduces a new addition to its range of handling equipment: the LIFTMATIC TPI with on-board driver. This option makes it easy to manoeuvre in confined spaces and to load and unload your tools or moulds up to 2000 kg with ease.

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New Die Spliter until 2 tons

banc d'ouverture d'outil

Benefits: → Accurate testing of cutting parts of the die → Work in total safety avoiding on-the-job injuries → Reduction of operators’ stress → Safe die handling without wasting of time and labour cost (due for ex. to blocked columns while opening with different methods) → One operator only can open/close heavy dies and turn […]

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Storage rack with rollers

Loading / unloading a 500 kg tool, from the roller storage rack to the press, and vice versa, with our electric LIFTMATIC handling device equipped with an erasable ball tray.

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Trafic jam in Rotobloc workshop!

Trafic jam in Rotobloc workshop! No less than 10 trolley are assembled during the summer! To allow your employees to go in vacation in great shape, think about our tool change solutions, without effort and in complete safety! Our trolleys reduce the musculoskeletal trouble by helping your collaborators who will no longer have to push […]

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Success story at AMTE

This is a technical video showing the handling and the changing of a tool at a customer with all the different steps from the tool room (bunker) to the preparation table of the press. It has been realized at a DIMECO customer, AMTE Goup, in France, Thise.

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1 doigt, et seulement 2 minutes pour ouvrir et retourner vos outils en toute sécurité. Le BANC d’OUVERTURE d’OUTIL , également connu sous le nom de MOLD SEPARATOR , est le fruit de plus de quarante ans d’expérience d’une entreprise d’outillage qui a trouvé une solution au plus gros problème affectant la fabrication de matrices – la manipulation continue des matrices. Tester […]

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A Besançon, Dimeco profite d’un passage de flambeau pour booster sa performance

Photo of Julien Marcelli

Christine Jeanney est en train de transmettre l’entreprise à son fils Julien Marcelli. Pour réussir ce passage de flambeau, le fabricant de lignes de production industrielles a absorbé sa filiale et s’est réorganisé en deux unités distinctes. Dimeco vient d’enregistrer une commande de 10 millions d’€ pour l’allemand Rittal. Dimeco, c’est une belle histoire de […]

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Interview : « Quick die change and coil loading and storage; Dimeco at Euroblech »

Watch video from “Le Répertoire de la Machine-Outil.”

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