Manual tightening clamping


The easiest and cheapest clamping solution on the market

Tightening them with a t-shaped wrench makes it easy and effortless to reach a tightening torque going from 80 to 100 Nm that is to say a clamping force going from 12 to 25 kN.

The clamping force obtained from CA clamps is usually higher than the clamping force of conventional clamping systems which is generally comprised between 6.8 and 7.2 kN for a system with screws and nuts.

The clamp operates thanks to lever mechanically operated by a self-locking cam. The clamps were specially designed to solve the very delicate issues occurring when clamping a tool to a press bed.


Choose a declination




Force (kN)
Stroke (mm)
H (en mm)
  CAS-0 16 5.8
  CAS-1 18 3.1
  CAM-1 18 3.1
  CAS-2 20 3.4
  CAD-2 20 3.4
  CAM-2 20 3.4
  CAS-3 24 4.2
  CAD-3 24 4.2
  CAM-3 24 4.2