New Die Spliter until 2 tons

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Die Splitter until 2 tons


→ Accurate testing of cutting parts of the die
→ Work in total safety avoiding on-the-job injuries
→ Reduction of operators’ stress
→ Safe die handling without wasting of time and labour cost (due for ex. to blocked columns while
opening with different methods)
→ One operator only can open/close heavy dies and turn the upper part by 180° by use of a
pushbutton panel
→ The mobile table is rotating laterally so even heavy parts can be fitted on tool
→ With our die-splitter you will no longer have to use ropes, unstable trestles and cranes thus reducing
the risk of injuries.
→ The press remain free for more profitable operations
→ In few minutes the die is opened and rotated so that the operator can work on it!