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Conveyor belts model 101


Our range of modular conveyor belts consists of standard modules right.

Possibility to choose the orientation of your engine, right or left, vertical or horizontal.

This choice is made in relation to the direction of scrolling of the belt.

Choose an accessory



Reference Name Description
Fixed brush type 235         The fixed brush type 235 is used in where it is particularly necessary to remove scrap and clean the surface of the belt. Not available for conveyor belts with transverse ledges.
Adjustable scraper for belt cleaning, type 245 The adjustable scraper type 245 is used where it is particularly needed to remove scrap from the belt and thoroughly clean it. It is applied on polyurethane conveyor belts with smooth antiadhesive surface and without transverse cross sections.
Drip tray, type 180 The drip tray (fluid collecting trough) type 180 is designed to collect liquid that may drip from parts carried on conveyors. The standard version is made of painted sheet. Customers should specify the liquid involved, so that we can select and offer a tray with suitable coating or of suitable material.
Retaining sides type 114 -
Retaining sides type 115 -
Retaining guides with scrap particle trapping prevention, type 218

Retaining guides incorporating scrap particle trapping prevention

  • H min.= 25 mm or larger, in increments of 5 mm, up to max. H = 50 mm.
Retaining guides with scrap particle trapping prevention, type 219 -
Hopper type 230

The hopper Type 230 is suitable for use with the trough type retaining guide systems 114 and 117, and the retaining guide covers designed to prevent scrap particle trapping 218 and 220..

  • Min. dimension X= 150 mm can be increased in increments of 10 mm, up to max. X= 250 mm.
  • Min. dimension Y= 200 mm can be increased in increments of 25 mm, up to max. Y= 600 mm.
  • The dimension Z should be equal to the height of the retaining guides on Models: 114, 117, 218, 220
Support with height adjustement type 140 - 141    
Support with height adjustement type 150 - 151 -