Articulated bolster extensions


These bolster extensions “TCAF” are used to quickly and safely change the tools on the press bed. They are permanently fixed to the front of the press bed with hinged brackets. They can adopt two set positions :

  • The working position,
  • The slide position (which allows complete access to the front of the press).

Choose a declination


The extruded aluminium profiles is a perfect balance between strength and lightness. Gripping it manually is easy for the operator. Its sturdy conception allows it to support heavy loads.


With the tool brackets, it is very fast to attach the bolster extensions to the press and to make it fit different tool widths. It is also possible to share a pair of bolster extensions between different presses


The bolster extensions are fitted out with a retractable stop for low tonnage tools and a progressive ramp stop for high tonnage tools.

Compared with the rotating bolster, the articulated bolster has a second pivot point.
This enables the bolster to be installed in cramped location as for instance soundproof cabins.


Capacity of the pair (kg)
Length (mm)
Number of modules
  TCAF 05/1000 500 1010 13
  TCAF 1/1000 1000 1010 13
  TCAF 2/1000 2000 1010 13
  TCAF 2/1200 A 2000 1210 15
  TCAF 2/1200 B 2000 1210 16